[S’ 2013 LookBook] Bringing in the Spring

It’s been a long time coming but finally my solo pictures are here! I definitely had fun at this shoot with Kevin, Rebeca, and Bella. I’ve always been a huge fan of my friend, Kevin Wade’s work and when he agreed to shoot LLL’s Spring Look Book, I was ecstatic. Both of my outfits were really fun to rock and I selected clothing that I felt best represented how I would welcome in the spring season.

 photo nnKznqQJgiiHWCTYoT6MBcuPcKsSyZUKBht5hoHJGakOvbFCkjA4Kb-Tm-mtTh3xyosIa0PHFOP6ydZAF5HR2I_zpsbd8aa80d.jpeg

For my first outfit, I wanted to follow suit of the theme of the Amnimal Clothing Brand, which is “Savage Life”. To me that means get what you want – it’s a dog eat dog world and the only way to achieve your goals is to just do what you gotta do. Choosing to wear bold leggings is just my way of saying go for it all the way and stay committed.

 photo YXtjGjL_JVQGQw9-BVvi6vJZL5B02ZOc45ZLqoqZwxc_zpsbb0a2b1c.jpeg

The zipper, hooded vest and snapback are indeed Amnimal Clothing. I loved the additional color and feel of the wolf leggings. I’ve always been a fan of color and spring definitely reminds me of fun, bright colors. During the photo shoot, I was able to snap some pictures with books and I really loved the concept because I love reading. I’ve also always been a hat person and like Bella, I never felt that I followed trends. I’ve been wearing hats, beanies and fedoras for as long as I can remember but all in all, I’ve always been more of a laid-back person and my most comfortable outfits reflect that.

 photo qCwgpYONJALQOIn9wPlMAKc7YxSrjJy5bd-RyLSzk94_zps0421c1e5.jpeg

 photo h0jDlDBrXcvP9liM_UHLyd4lz6rO_mPwV-VTNKjvAj0U-kSAApPIyNvC7PaT49zx7CxGaEKFWp-js9O_iyGbHc_zpsdba7dd27.jpeg

 photo lHlQoSHh_L5q0NYhBgCqbT7BJ0RK1pc4azSdyaxcgr4VaBqbmVV1WnCBggvOsDmXRYzdHQzjP7Hkja2-darwGU_zps9ebefff6.jpeg

Outfit 1 Breakdown
Snapback/Hooded Vest: Amnimal
Wolf Leggings: Love Culture
Shoes: Sole Society

My alter ego loves the girly things in life and what’s more fun than a flirty pleather skirt and sheer, loose blouse? Really, I just wanted to style something around my favorite, new pair of Luichiny heels and though it was a bit difficult to find something that closely matched, I was lucky – and happy – with my final decision.

 photo uTWR7bW0v7jGZgMBRqW-WVnLyPzFyWAXrSH-UW3hdNkpUsk5hkdCpRQDjdxD_buUQ9rqb80sI1pfwTeVU73lqs_zps87be2865.jpeg

Typically, you think floral for the spring season, but I kind of wanted to stray away from cliche. On the other hand, I did opt for a nice greenish color theme because I’m a bit obsessed with the color right now. The gold button detailing on sleeves of the sheer blouse perfectly matched with the necklace, and the pleather skirt screamed fun, flirty, sultry and edgy. I wore minimal jewelry because lately I’ve been feeling that less is more and so I wanted to focus on keeping it simple.

 photo _deCw2tlxTg-RC_gS-k4375ahiHudYwvtZ6w5aEoYhE_zps59672f39.jpeg

I had so much fun working with Kevin and he continues to amaze me. I was in awe of the final result of the pictures because I didn’t even recognize myself.

 photo ZQOu3Vy8vtXMxxoqIGq1BGFdyEWoCLXX-ASxABvbrhIbb44yxFVrtvr3IlkDP22TRWqsUr2dWStnvZXn_ub9p0_zps540121e5.jpeg

Outfit 2 Breakdown
Necklace/Top/Skirt: Love Culture
Shoes: Luichiny

Makeup By: Rebeca Alvarez
Hair and Photography By: Kevin Wade

Special Thank You’s:

Thanks to Rebeca for glamming me up and Kevin’s amazing work on my hair and the photography. I absolutely loved my curls. I actually used to wish that my hair was naturally that curly. Thanks to Amnimal Clothing for suiting us up in dope attire. Thanks to Luichiny for the beautiful heels. I can’t wait for my collection to grow. Thanks to my sister, Kristina, for helping put my outfit together. Lastly, thanks to my lovely partner, Bella, for being awesome and continuing to pursue our dreams together.

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