Zebra Stripes from Day to Night

Black and white stripes seem to be all the rage right now. Although I don’t proclaim myself to be a “trend follower,” I can’t help but find some trends cute – even though someone did make a joke and call me a referee. However, I can’t be mad at that because I’m a huge sports fan and I have a great sense of humor.

The day I took these photos was actually my 4-year-anniversary with my boyfriend. I definitely felt like dressing up and this is the end result. Striped pants with a cute teal blouse! On the other hand, when you go out all day in an outfit , sometimes you want to switch it up for when you go out at night – which is why I decided to showcase my night wear switch just for you, Lattes!

 photo 20130302_144851_zpsa2c157d1.jpg

 photo 20130302_144858_zps1518cfb1.jpg

 photo 20130302_144906_zps85096b43.jpg

 photo 20130302_144917_zps7bb88b4d.jpg

 photo 20130302_144927_zpsf872225b.jpg

The transition from day wear to night wear was quite simple actually. I just changed my top to this bustier from G Stage and added some accessories. I also added on my lips some MAC Nicki Minaj Viva Glam I lipstick.

 photo 20130302_193310_zps784078f8.jpg

 photo 20130302_193246_zps7105c148.jpg

 photo 20130302_193258_zps6a9373f5.jpg

 photo 20130302_193404_zps8be51573.jpg

Outfit Breakdown
Striped Pants/Teal Top: Love Culture
Accessories: Forever 21
Shoes: Vision Shoes
Black Bustier: G Stage
Lipstick: MAC Nicki Minaj Viva Glam I

Hope you enjoyed both outfits. If you like how I mix and match different outfits and want to see more day to night wear posts, please feel free to comment and let me know! (:

Tah tah,

2 responses to “Zebra Stripes from Day to Night

  1. I am loving the black and white stripe trend! i just bought a skirt that is black and white and I am not sure what to pair it with yet.

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