Beauty Review: Blue Spa “O2 Facial”

Have you ever came home late – possibly after a wild night of partying with friends or networking at a social event – and been too tired to take off your makeup? All of us girls have done it at least once or twice, and I’m pretty sure when you woke up and looked in the mirror, you instantly regretted it. Mascara streaks down your cheek, oily foundation and a general all-over icky feeling. Well, for a busy girl like me who’s always out on the town – working and socializing – the sleeping in makeup phenomenon has unfortunately become all too familiar. It’s terrible for your skin and for the future of your skin, and though I try to avoid it, sometimes it just happens.

My skin one week after receiving an O2 Facial from Blue Spa

Fortunately for me, I was offered an amazing opportunity to repair and refresh my skin by receiving a complimentary O2 (Oxygen) Facial from Blue Spa in Sherman Oaks! Even though I have pretty good skin in general, I was still nevertheless excited to have my skin rejuvenated – and I must say it felt absolutely amazing afterwards. Probably the cleanest and freshest it’s ever felt in a long time. According to their website, Blue Spa’s O2 facial “combines oxygen, hyaluronic acid and oodles of vitamins to plump, hydrate and brighten dull, lifeless skin, wrinkles and creases virtually disappear.” Check out my before and after pictures to see for yourself!

Before my O2 Facial

Thanks to Sarah Farrell for my coffee!

Before receiving my O2 Oxygen Facial

One week after receiving my O2 Facial from Blue Spa

P.S. Major thanks to Stacey Young, the medical esthetician who performed my facial, and Sarah Farrell, Blue Spa’s Marketing Director for giving me a grand tour of the facility.

For more information on Blue Spa, visit:

All services received during my visit to Blue Spa were c/o Blue Spa

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