Dope Beanie, Teal Shorts & a Mustard Bag

Warmer weather and breezy cool nights are the things I look forward to in the summer season. I’ve always been more of the summer weather-type gal. I guess I have a love and hate relationship with any season in the year. This day was the same day as my cousins’ college graduation. Yes, two of them graduated and I’m so proud of them. We had a family gathering at my house after. You know what that means, my cousin was able to snap some amazing photos for my outfit of the days. Thanks Kathy for snapping the photos!

 photo lL78zylU69rhLpHKuOuUQiKYbcmk7x0LEci4iL0Op-s_zpsba6ea73d.jpeg

I was looking for the perfect high-waisted shorts because I haven’t quite owned any yet. I mean I owned a different style, but the distressed jean with color is a must-have. Sometimes it’s hard to miss some trendy things that are still cute. The fifties are back with a retro version of the high-wasits.

 photo yf3x0OaWqs37b9ClhLq4X-sbPQYpPvqtQE_vpwF_f2o_zpsad829423.jpeg

If you’ve been following my ootd’s for a while, you’ll know that I have a love for beanies. When I saw this beanie I knew I had to get it because it’s duh! Dope! (; Oh and you wouldn’t believe where I got it! From Love Culture! Most would think it’s probably some hip street wear brand, but I think main stream retailers are getting the hint.

 photo ORnrwxA2HcQ9UcUdwrMNKLDFs24qgTvfuKI4qKYVlyU_zpseb076ffa.jpeg

I also was looking long and hard for an everyday small bag that would fit the small necessities of life. Things I would be able to fit in it would be my phone, id, cards, keys, small mirror, and chap stick. It’s cute because in the middle it even has a card holder. Also, got this from Love Culture.

 photo i9BxXu5GFQBZx8xhHO20BYFzsMlt6UbkYDC9QnSkez4_zps3964319c.jpeg

 photo tzN8RNkZiOe8V-HJrMiNTebr4DFaEl_BJTAjzvY_JBo_zpseab56904.jpeg

 photo MH_iiDo-6KYu4WwssBkmvbjUUukJX78aM7J2LzFAxQU_zps9247e0ff.jpeg

 photo uOdh_F7uJ_9RFesHfqxnAO5yRElfNuBKsW8o555Kyk4_zps7f02c605.jpeg

 photo VdxdLnKX6OPF4XuW_t5LydDuIZSAqPc1WFG1tjz9a4g_zps2aaa7500.jpeg

 photo wuhwFymMcToxZVuxPwcecOR6rW2LqMa1LJVNHjj0R5E_zpsb421eac3.jpeg

 photo xlOWtJIPUEw2zxSAH836CN6UYnEDo0Fv7iImWNpeY9o_zps22353944.jpeg

 photo MVA77V6wtZkE51DyjKSTXLwV6-8LNY9irRU-qWT4nYA_zpsb8d579ad.jpeg

 photo -Llrb1qqrloWONMu86wDcUIcfTh2JoAAasgDsdESFiQ_zps32620f3a.jpeg

 photo EESCnV8AkHWiS_83B3Jmiq0ewI2TKkBFaLH-6Yt-fZk_zps27459874.jpeg

 photo -_nrN3MebBFWkL2uMXitwUdRtNLy3TrazuadOKl7smY_zps52cb485a.jpeg

 photo JwfGMCVcms92nRsB3vsT3J_xazSUdj1xc3hDcXgQWnw_zps80b68744.jpeg

 photo iF_PmEPU0-EoFavmZtOqLd-iueKt8CpQG3vKeP4qxH0_zps7df0fa59.jpeg

 photo DXE6_KVMQsyig68AWSboLhL1ZCvK9oPz8JgLhKXaCkI_zpsccae6ff1.jpeg

 photo ChmbTA7GTAepaybQW5r4VsVDVH0S5j2aS5oPOnziYQA_zps4d01c922.jpeg

 photo Ob7KbMamKPJaeAK8ifQz_NMknqU4wGTtNW0M1Uc5bFg_zps8d93f6e2.jpeg

Outfit Breakdown
Bag/Shorts/Beanie: Love Culture
Shoes: Bakers

There you have it! My fun outfit of the day, perfect for a family BBQ, small kick back, or loungin’ around during the summer days. Have a great day Little Lattes!


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