[Interview] B.E.T. Red Carpet Swag: Tyler Lepley

You may have recognized his handsome face from Tyler Perry’s newest T.V. drama series, “The Haves And the Have Nots,” but aside from acting, Tyler Lepley (who plays “Benny” on the show), is quite the dapper dresser as well. Our lovely latte, Bella, caught up with Lepley as he strolled down the red carpet for the BET Awards After Party hosted by Chris Brown and Jamie Fox, and got the scoop on his personal style and his fitness routine. Prepare to be intrigued. Read on ladies.

Bella Graham: Hey Tyler. So we meet again. I’m representing for my fashion blog, Lipstick, Lace and Lattes.

Tyler Lepley: Your lipstick is great and your fashion is even better.

Bella with Lepley

Bella Graham: Thank you. I have to ask you, What do you have on tonight? I like this watch piece that you have.

TL: This is actually custom made for me by my tailor. His name is YaYa. He’s from Haiti. He’s newer in the game so I’m going to keep him on board. I’m going to give him a shot.

Bella Graham: Nice! I saw something about you in a magazine and said something about a role being found on accident? What was that about?

TL: Well, not for the role. It was just talking about me as an actor. I came out here. I came from Philadelphia to Los Angeles, started out as a personal trainer and I got discovered through a gym so I guess it got twisted into that by accident. But everything is through the Lord’s plan so I don’t think anything is by accident.

Bella Graham: Okay, so I actually have to ask you one more question. I’m really into fitness too so what’s your routine that you do to keep all fit and nice?

TL: That I do myself?

Bella Graham: Yes.

TL: Okay. For me, it’s really about the foundation. You’ve got to get your cardio in there so your body fat stays low, at least 45 minutes. Everything starts through your core and extenuates the rest of your body. So I make sure that I keep my abdominal region real strong. And for me, it’s about – at this point in my life – hitting my weight so I can maintain my swole, *laughs* My cuts and whatnot. *Laughs* It’s about eating healthy too.

Bella Graham: Alright. Well, thank you for the interview and nice meeting you again.

For more information on The Have’s and the Have Nots, check out the official show page on Oprah.com:

The BET Awards AfterParty was hosted at the Belasco Theater in Los Angeles and sponsored by Zing Vodka.


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