[Interview] Red Carpet Beauty: Tahiry Jose

She’s gorgeous, down to Earth and has a killer fashion sense – and frame. Her name is Tahiry Jose and this Dominican, Harlem (New York) beauty is more than just a pin-up model – she’s a rising star – and star of VH1’s hit reality show, “Love & Hip-Hop.” I caught up with Tahiry at the red carpet for the BET Awards After Party hosted by Chris Brown and Jamie Fox, and talked to her about what she was wearing and her favorite lip shade. Here’s a little taste of Tahiry Jose:

Bella Graham: Hey beautiful! Nice running into you! Of course I have to ask you about this gorgeous outfit and those shoes! (To photographer) Make sure you get those shoes. Those are hot! So what are you wearing tonight?

Tahiry Jose: It’s Weirdo Ink, I believe it’s called, but you can look at the tag because I don’t want to misquote it.

Bella Graham: *pulls back label on Tahiry’s dress* Yep. Weirdo Ink

TJ: Yes, so shout out to her. She sent me some stuff and it’s pretty cute, girly. I like it.

Bella Graham: Cool. And since this is Lipstick, Lace & Lattes, I have to ask you your favorite lipstick color.

TJ: It’s either Ruby Woo or Saint Germain, Mac.

Bella Graham: Everybody loves Ruby Woo! I asked Eve, she was like, “Ruby Woo.” A whole bunch of people do.

TJ: My favorite.

Bella Graham: Thank you. Oh wait, are you going to be on the next season of “Love and Hip-Hop”?

TJ: We’ve actually started filming, yes. I’ll be back so stay tuned for all of the juicy gossip.

Bella Graham: I’m looking forward it!


Find more information on Love And Hip-Hop here:

And check out Tahiry’s official website here:

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