Paisley Leggings, Lacy Crop Top and an Amnimal Snapback

It’s been a long time coming! Some of you may have been wondering my whereabouts (..or not), but I’m back with my outfit of the day. I’m extremely happy to finally have the internet back at my house. It’s been a pretty busy couple of weeks and months (I might add). Things really picked up even more this year. Alright, enough jibber jabber.

I was at the LA Convention Center covering the Venue Trade Show, which is ran by my good friends. Check back to our previous post for details about the show here and please look forward to my next post with pictures and details of my experience. Congratulations Miles, Nino, Phil, and the team! I’m proud of you guys.

I decided to wear something that I can easily transition from day to night wear since I didn’t really feel like changing. I ditched my combats for some heels to the Venue Trade Show after party. I wore these cute leggings and crop, lace top with an Amnimal snapback, and Bakers combat boots.

 photo IMG_0156_zps1073ef74.jpg

Word of advice, when going to a trade show, you want to dress comfortably because you’ll be walking around a lot. I learned that the hard way when I went to Vegas’ Magic Trade Show for the first time last year in November.

 photo IMG_0155_zpsb40d9299.jpg

 photo IMG_0158_zps9af5c4ac.jpg

Candid shot, I was probably instagramming and tweeting. (;

Candid shot, I was probably instagramming and tweeting. (;

 photo IMG_0145_zpsff962526.jpg

Outfit Breakdown
Hat: Amnimal
Shoes: Bakers
Leggings/Top: Styles


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