[Spill The Beans] Sex On The First Night, Or No?

When I was younger, my parents taught me that “good girls” do not sleep around or move too fast. Dating has changed so much since I was younger. Though every woman wants to be seen as pure and virginal, it is not exactly realistic. Not a day goes by where a nude picture or sex tape is not being leaked via some type of social network. Even though nudity is almost normal, it is shocking that women are still worried about sleeping with a guy on the first date.

Picture courtesy of AskMen.com

Will he respect me in the morning? What if someone sees me doing the Walk of Shame in the morning? Will he think I’m a freak/hoe if I do this move? Will I be eliminated from “girlfriend material” if I have sex with him? Will he tell everyone on his social network about this?

Why are we so worried about this? Most guys will never think badly about a woman who “gives it up” on the first night. Most guys are not going to think, “She’s a great conversationalist; she loves beer and football; she’s beautiful, but she had sex the first time we met. No, I can’t date her.” I would think that men would enjoy finding a woman who knows what she wants and is not self-conscious about getting it.

Picture courtesy of LoveBash.com

Women, do not fear your sexuality. Sleeping with a guy on the first date is not a negative thing, unless the guy is an ultimate jerk afterward, but that’s reflective of his level of maturity, not your choice. Sexual compatibility is important in a relationship. Why not figure that out ahead of time?

– Phoenix Nic

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