Top 3 Favorites from The Venue Trade Show

Congratulations to the Venue Trade Show Team! I’m so proud of you guys for putting on your first Trade Show and it was a great success. I can’t wait for future trade shows to come. Happy to hear that you’re already working on January 2014.

 photo IMG_20130628_174443_zps06b4a938.jpg

For those of you unfamiliar with The Venue Trade Show, a group of young ambitious guys came together to create a new trade show dedicated as an outlet to new brands. This trade show caters to the newer generation of street wear clothing brands looking for a place to showcase their products to buyers and the media. Be sure to peep more information about what Venue Trade Show is from my last post The Venue Trade Show. Also, peep what I wore that day here.

It was a nice, sunny hot day and I was happy to finally arrive at the LA Convention Center after some crazy traffic. The air-conditioned convention center was a great destination to beat the crazy heat.

 photo IMG_20130628_175913_zpsbd72c027.jpg

I stopped at the booths that stood out to me. Be Inhabited was one of them. I was intrigued by their set up, their clothes and their beanies.

 photo 20130628_172933_zps59af3908.jpg

 photo 20130628_172820_zps4a2735ba.jpg

These car air fresheners are super dope. They smelled good and had Tupac on them.

 photo 20130628_173142_zps1733a437.jpg

The bright colored crop almost 80s-inspired clothing from Enelli Clothing caught my attention. Peep the Texas-based clothing line’s Site for more photos and to purchase their products.

 photo 20130628_173516_zpsa64e528c.jpg

 photo 20130628_173500_zpsb85f3638.jpg

I fell in love with the snapbacks from Mstkn Clothing (pronounced Mistaken Clothing) which immediately caught my attention. They have the cutest crop tops and their sweaters are pretty dope too.

 photo 20130628_172151_zpsb1c46287.jpg

 photo 20130628_172217_zps1c50281b.jpg

 photo 20130628_172430_zps00dd9a46.jpg

 photo 20130628_172414_zps3ee85e2d.jpg

Of Course I had to stop by at the Rosewood Cutters booth to say hi. This guy was enjoying his fresh cut.

 photo 20130628_173814_zpsaddd29be.jpg

Hazzle and her friend Jeff David enjoying the Venue Trade Show.

Hazzle and her friend Jeff David enjoying the Venue Trade Show.

Brands at a Glance:
Be Inhabited
Enelli Clothing
Rosewood Cutters

Be sure to check back on The Venue Trade Show Site and follow them on instagram (@VenueTradeShow) for their next show dates and more amazing brands.


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