Milani Face Powder x Black Cherry Lipstick x Loreal Magic Nude

Hi Little Lattes! I’ve been dying to write a great product review and finally the time is here. I’ve tried out the Loreal Magic Nude Foundation and Milani’s face powder and lipstick. Firstly, I’m a huge fan of Miliani products and love the affordability of them. It’s definitely worth having in your makeup collection. As much as I love drug store beauty products, there is always a pro and con to them as far as quality.

 photo 53688826-0777-4174-98d2-d095d35c0884_zps1a0c993a.jpg

I’ll start with the Loreal Foundation. The Magic Nude is advertised for it’s ‘liquid to powder’ finish. The product is supposed to dry as powder. Although, the concept is genius the quality isn’t up to par with expectations. I have a combination oily and dry skin face. My t-zone area is oily whereas the rest of my face is dry. Personally, I probably won’t buy the product again because it dries out my face even more. What I thought would be great about it is the fact that if you’re looking for a daily foundation product and you’re on the go all the time, the powder finish seemed appealing. If you’re not too picky with your daily foundation it’s still definitely a useable product. As far as the finish look and quality, it’s not something I recommend for photo shoots or fancy events.

 photo 95998728-4e46-49a0-b2f5-637e0049c647_zps04bee25f.jpg

As for the Miliani products, I’m definitely an advocate for them, however, the only flaw I have about the face powder is the fact that the shade comes out a little darker than you’d assume. If you’re going to purchase the powder make sure you buy the shade a little lighter than the one you’d normally go for because it’s very pigmented and the shade will be a little darker on your skin. Other than the color, the product is most likely something I’d still use especially for something that I can use on the daily. It’s more affordable and the finish is great. Even though the shade I bought is a little darker, I knew that in the summer I’d be able to pull it off because of the natural tan that I achieved over the summer.

 photo 5526eb73-cbd3-4731-8d78-4fe0a6492cb6_zps33961ffe.jpg

Lastly, I’m absolutely in love with the Black Cherry Lipstick. It’s a dark red wine color and comes out so smooth on your lips. It’s extremely moisturizing and the color is very pigmented. It’s even long lasting. It fades slowly and stays on most of the night of course it depending on if you’re eating or drinking to. Their lipsticks are definitely highly recommended and I’m looking to purchase more colors.

 photo abd91b05-1206-4de7-82e4-bc9f32c82185_zps6bc9bae7.jpg

 photo 20130822_183121_zps64a2c443.jpg

 photo 20130822_183125_zpsa322946b.jpg

Be sure to check these at your local drug store like CVS, Rite Aid, Walgreens, Target, or Walmart. Fun fact, I did a before and after makeup transformation on my Vine, follow me @HazzleJoy. Let me know if you want to see more makeup transformations. (:

Happy Day loves!


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