Em Cosmetics’ Waterliner, CC Cream & Concealer

I’ve always been a fan of Michelle Phan. In fact, she was the first Youtube Beauty Guru that I learned about and was hooked ever since. When I found out she started her own make-up line, Em Cosmetics, I was ecstatic and couldn’t wait to make my first purchase. Although, I already tried some of her products I received from the Ipsy bag, I knew that I wouldn’t be disappointed.

The first product I tried was waterliner, an intense color eyeliner, in turquoise. I received mine from the Ipsy bag. When I used it for the first time, I absolutely loved it. It’s extremely pigmented, especially when you want to intensify the color, it shows up really well. That is what lead me to my next couple of purchases.

 photo 2013-11-17102557_zpse07ba3e7.jpg

For those of you unfamiliar with the Ipsy Bag, formerly known as the “Glam Bag,” a group of Youtube sensations teamed up and created the company to bring to the public a monthly subscription of make up products. It costs $10 a month and there’s usually a wait list because of the high demand. If you’re patient enough to wait (yes, I waited), they will email you that you’re product will be shipped. The shipping is decently fast (at least for me) and I’m pretty happy with the products I receive. It’s definitely a great way to learn about brands you’ve never tried before. You’re more than likely going to want to purchase from the brands you like in the future. Pure genius!

The packaging for Em Cosmetics was really cute.

 photo 2013-12-04162044_zpsb92669ac.jpg

 photo 2013-12-04162153_zps985f3d8d.jpg

Generally, I read a lot of reviews before purchasing products. Of course reviews are just reviews up until you try the product itself for yourself. Everyone has different skin and different reactions to things, so I had to test it out for myself. I purchased the CC Cream because I have not yet owned any type of face cream. CC Cream is comparable to BB Cream. The only thing about purchasing things online, I have bad judgment when it comes to purchasing the right color for my skin tone. I feel like my face is light, but also dark in different areas. For the most part, the CC Cream works great. I honestly could probably do without it, but I do like that there’s SPF in it.

The concealer does work amazing. A little definitely goes a long way. I just wished I bought the correct shade because it is a tad bit too light for me. Even so, I still manage to make the products work because I’m a stickler like that. I wouldn’t want to waste my money. Oh and I’m a little bit skeptic about the price. It somewhat does feel a little bit over priced, but so far the products do deliver. I just hope the other products will be just as much worth the purchase.

 photo 2013-12-04162248_zps8c7fc156.jpg

You can see that I have the waterliner on in this photo below. The lipstick I have on here is actually one of my FAVES. I’ll definitely be writing a review separately. Stay tuned if you’d like to know.

 photo 2013-11-17202408_zps79d69414.jpg

Thanks for sticking around to see what type of fun stuff we’ve been into. Your support is greatly appreciated.

Love always,

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