Tough Love

Cali weather is overall amazing, isn’t it? Since it’s not quite summer yet, night’s in So Cal still get pretty cold. I wanted to wear shorts, but since I get cold easily I wore these blue tights that I haven’t worn since last Halloween with my Wonder Woman Costume for work. I wasn’t ever sure with what to wear it with and then I came up with this.

It was a birthday celebration for my sister and we went to Dave and Busters. It was a good night hanging out with friends and family. We even got to play some games. Word of advice, if you’re going there on a Saturday night, make sure to go early!

 photo IMG_0975_zps4c600033.jpg

 photo IMG_0974_zpsb664be64.jpg

 photo IMG_0972_zpsd0b37043.jpg

 photo IMG_0970_zps9b5b5f7f.jpg

 photo IMG_0969_zpsf2fcb437.jpg

 photo IMG_0967_zps1a6a890a.jpg

 photo IMG_0962_zpsb06a0886.jpg

 photo IMG_0961_zpsc793b774.jpg

 photo IMG_0960_zps766e4a86.jpg

 photo IMG_0958_zps2c70c92a.jpg

 photo IMG_0956_zps9f34334b.jpg

 photo IMG_0955_zps4e40b229.jpg

 photo IMG_0959_zps00539521.jpg

Outfit Breakdown
Shorts and Top: 2C/Fashion Q
Beanie: Lux Life Clothing
Bangles: Local Farmer’s Market
Bracelet: Rastaclat
Tights: WalMart
Shoes: Bakers Shoes
Ring: Forever 21
Jacket: Styles
Lipstick: MAC Candy Yum Yum


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