ModCloth Story board Contest Entry

Low and behold, my first storyboard! And I must say I am quite pleased with myself of the outcome. With all the cute products ModCloth has to offer, I FINALLY was able to put the story board together with pieces from their collection. What I thought would be a little bit more complicated actually came pretty natural to me. As I repeated to myself, what would I wear with this dress I concluded with the following products. Most importantly, I stayed true to myself.

I love color! So, that’s not something new to me. Color coordinating usually isn’t my first instinct. I go for what design I like and if it happens to fit the color perfect, I will take that and run with it. This particular story board I worked around the Bouquet for the Season Dress.

I went with the cute Sunlight Wedges. It matched perfect with the color.

Screen shot 2014-04-24 at 10.15.16 PM

I saw the Elegant in any occasion watch and felt that it was a must with this dress. I died when I saw the Who got the smooch? Bag. Isn’t it the perfect LLL bag? I have a weird thing for animal jewelry ever since and when I saw this Bling Dom Animalia Bracelet in Cat, I thought it was adorable. Lastly, I had to add some bling with a cute double geometric ring, Put a Ring Chevron It! Ring. Unfortunately, the ring is out of stock at the moment, but the awesome thing about Modcloth is if the product gets enough votes they will re-stock it depending on the demand. How cool!

Visit ModCloth for some cute things! I’ll definitely take another look around and clear some space in my closet for some new ModCloth. Hope you enjoyed my contest entry for ModCloth!

Little Lattes, let me know if you want to see more story boards! I may just create another one real soon!


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