[Feature Interview] Cashius Green + Pheo: Ordained Rap

Last month, Hazzle and I were invited to check out the first annual, L.A. edition of Broccoli City – which has already experienced huge success on the East Coast – and we were definitely excited to check out the lineup.

Shortly after they jumped off stage, I caught up with the dynamic duo that is Cashius Green and Pheo, and got into their head a bit about what it was like to perform in their hometown, Cashius being an ordained minister and the hype surrounding Pheo and avocados. Not our usual fashion-based interview, but you have to admit, these guys are kind of fly though :) Check below for the full interview!

Bella: You guys just got off stage…How does it feel to rock in your city?
Cashius: I get what it was because it’s the first annual one (Broccoli City) and they showed us love and invited us to the first one. Its feel good, I feel great.
Pheo: It feels good for sure. You can feel the local love and like Cashius said it being the first one and to be able to be a part of something like that.

Bella: I’ve been listening to your EP and it reminds me of Outkast. Have you heard that before?
Cashius: We get that all the time. They say we’re like them. They say history repeats itself and we’re like Outkast repeated. But I feel like we’re a mix of all the best duos that ever dropped in life you know? I’m talking about UGK, Outkast, and Red and Meth; all of that.
Pheo: Yeah.
Cashius: It’s a cool honor. That group out of all groups. It could of been Kid and Play.

Bella (to Cashius): You specifically, your flow and your energy reminds me a lot of Pastor Troy. Have you heard that before?
Cashius: I’m actually an ordained minister. I embody the whole sign. I didn’t ask to be that, they just started calling me that, you know. I just went about it and it became official. If you need to get baptized or anything holla. at yo boy.

Bella: Well, I know you’re genuine. The last time I met you at the photo shoot you had your sage and your amethyst all out there. How does your spirituality impact your musical craft?
Pheo: It’s definitely one in the same. It’s a representation of it. You know so, very very, definitely spiritual and art go hand in hand.
Cashius: I believe in the auras and the energies. I feel like I’m the chosen one. So when I go into a room I already automatically have that aura because I spend so much time accepting the fact that the shit exists, you know what I’m talking about? I have people come up to me and tell me that my aura is green. And it’s like I’m doing something good because that’s my last name, so you know. And that’s the heart shocker and I’m like, I got all the heart.

Bella: I dig it, I dig it. So what’s up with what you guys have next? The EP is out, but what other things should we be looking for?
Pheo: Definitely more music, as well as visuals. But nothing rushed. I’m working on an album right now. Cashius is working on a tape. We’re just you know, going at our paces and creating. We’re just going to continue with the same energy and keep building. That’s what we’re on right now.

Bella: And just for the record, are you guys two solo artists that sometimes come together collectively or is there the group, Cashius and Pheo?
Cashius: No, we’re just two solo friends that just so happen to make great music together. It just comes together on its own you know.
Pheo: Like peanut butter and jelly man.

Bella: Last question, what’s up with the avocado? What’s that Pheocado about?
Pheo: Avocado everything you know. It’s my mantra. It’s basically like, some people like money, some people, luxury and I like avocados. You know, my love for them I apply that to everything that I do.

Follow Cashius Green on Twitter: @CashiusGreen

Follow Pheo on Twitter: @Pheocado

Stay locked for our other interviews from Broccoli City!


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