It was a nice warm day and my friend Karen from The 5th Element Magazine and I got together to do a shoot. It’s so awesome how a little area that you might have passed by a million times could work as the perfect set. I wore something I’d wear to dinner, which I did wear to my boyfriend’s mom’s birthday dinner.

 photo DSC_8230_zpsfcbff0d0.jpg

 photo DSC_8272_zps1c2f18e4.jpg

 photo DSC_8265_zps2402c7e0.jpg

 photo DSC_8254_zps9f03d407.jpg

 photo DSC_8255_zps5abbc1a3.jpg

 photo DSC_8248_zps1de4ebde.jpg

 photo DSC_8278_zps4f38e8c4.jpg

 photo DSC_8292_zps2d71f8b4.jpg

 photo DSC_8273_zps51775a64.jpg

 photo DSC_8336_zps8fe5e904.jpg

 photo DSC_8428_zps97ba8d53.jpg

 photo DSC_8335_zps61102e6f.jpg

 photo DSC_8306_zps2962a9b1.jpg

 photo DSC_8361_zpsc0fc4428.jpg

 photo DSC_8408_zps9734e2f2.jpg

 photo DSC_8434_zps56ffe871.jpg

Outfit Breakdown
Hat: Married to The Mob
Skirt: Love Culture
Shoes: Vision Shoes

Thanks Karen for your amazing work!


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