Status Show 2014

I had the pleasure of attending the Status Show along with my Traklife Radio Family to broadcast The Layover Show. My Co-host Linz and I had the pleasure of interviewing some of the brands and the man behind the event, Mr. Jon Phenom. Phenom is a designer and clothing brand mentor. He is always happy to spread his fashion knowledge after years of experience. After interviewing I had some time to snap some photos of the brands’ booths. I was happy to be a part of the first Status Show. What is Status Show all about?

The Status Show is the premier event for fashion & style. We want to provide an energized atmosphere where fashion happens. We look to create a space for shoppers to discover exciting new styles and experience live fashion show, live art and live screen printing.

The lovely event took place in San Diego at the beautiful Liberty Station. Shoppers, brands, and students were welcome. There were panels with live discussions on how to better build your brand.

Medium Apparel Co. has some really cool pieces. I know men’s clothing can be worn by females, but I would totally rock some of their stuff if they had a women line too.

 photo IMG_4394_zpse5c356a3.jpg

 photo IMG_4368_zps4d8eb179.jpg

 photo IMG_4367_zpsc7676347.jpg

 photo IMG_4366_zps71fcf783.jpg

 photo IMG_4365_zps7c95dd21.jpg

 photo IMG_4364_zps2cd63d67.jpg

What I love about Emortal Clothing is that their brand represents the athletes that don’t want to rock your typical “Hurley.”

The aesthetic elements of EMORTAL embodies worldwide street culture including art, music, hip hop culture, different subcultures, skateboarding, cycling, action sports, hustling, & keeping it real.

 photo IMG_4392_zps6b90c059.jpg

 photo IMG_4389_zpsd270d545.jpg

 photo IMG_4388_zps5afac0cd.jpg

 photo IMG_4386_zps32a8f6f9.jpg

 photo IMG_4385_zps4faa1f5b.jpg

 photo IMG_4384_zps1215ec53.jpg

 photo IMG_4383_zpsb1bd46c1.jpg

 photo IMG_4382_zpsbea2f462.jpg

 photo IMG_4377_zps5194243f.jpg

Realeyez Apparel’s Owners had these really cool orange jumpsuits that were sure to catch anyone’s eye. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to snap a picture of them.

 photo IMG_4376_zpsfdf2bf54.jpg

 photo IMG_4374_zps4de0a977.jpg

 photo IMG_4372_zpsb4c7cf7d.jpg

 photo IMG_4373_zps439a0ebb.jpg

 photo IMG_4371_zpse54e22d1.jpg

 photo IMG_4370_zps4e874630.jpg

Philip James performed one of his songs with such grace.

 photo IMG_4362_zps311c4a46.jpg

Thanks again for having us Jon! Til next time,

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