Vintage Appeal

Happy 2015! We’re almost half way through the month and I’m excited to bring you my first outfit post of the year! I apologize for all this time, not posting. Recently, my father passed away and it was definitely one of the hardest things I’ve ever gone through. It’s been over 30 days now and the pain still stings just as much as the first day. It’s been quite rough and I actually wrote about it in my personal blog and you can catch that here: Rest In Paradise Dad. Huge thank you to everyone who made a contribution to our donation fund and for everyone sending out prayers and love. Every person is acknowledged. My family and I are extremely grateful for such heartwarming friends and family.

 photo dsc09180_zpsec752d50.jpg

For the outfit post, ironically, I didn’t realize I was going for the vintage appeal and the location I was at was extremely vintage inspired. I loved it all! My cousin, Andrew Cordero, shot me. He’s great! The location may look familiar to some of you in the So Cal area. (;

 photo DSC09576_zps96618534.jpg

 photo DSC09501_zpse697bf25.jpg

 photo DSC09544_zps83e45cb4.jpg

 photo DSC09504_zps1cda7add.jpg

 photo DSC09608_zps4cd54946.jpg

 photo DSC09538_zps8731ff5f.jpg

 photo DSC09505_zps157a9839.jpg

 photo DSC09529_zpsc595b6c9.jpg

 photo DSC09520_zpsc007b871.jpg

 photo DSC09513_zpse761b2b9.jpg

 photo DSC09506_zpsda5ef5d0.jpg

 photo DSC09564_zpsf539427b.jpg

 photo DSC09511_zps9b72ad42.jpg

 photo DSC09625_zpsb2e6b6a8.jpg

 photo DSC09641_zps540f4c0b.jpg

 photo DSC09618_zpsba974d29.jpg

 photo DSC09559_zps714b22d1.jpg

 photo DSC09565_zpsb023bea7.jpg

 photo DSC09586_zps54422491.jpg

 photo DSC09616_zps48594c0a.jpg

 photo DSC09624_zps39b7dea1.jpg

 photo DSC09628_zps02c93bc4.jpg

AND of course we had to top off the evening with some coffee! This was some organic mocha stuff and it’s super pure. So pure that it’s not even made sweet and you’d have to pour tons of sugar or sweetened creamer to get it on a “Starbucks level.” But it’s okay because I love organic foods! I love all the healthy stuff. If you like SWEET coffee, this isn’t for you. Hehe.

 photo DSC09649_zpse4f965c7.jpg

Hope you enjoyed my post to start off the 2015! Special thanks to my cousin for his amazing work! Looking forward to more. All photos in this post are by Andrew Cordero. Stay tuned!!!

Outfit Breakdown
Bag: Guess
Headband: Forever 21
Belt: G Stage
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell
Skirt: Gift
Lipstick: NYX matte lipstick in “butter MLS21” and lined with NYX “Rose Brown 814”


4 responses to “Vintage Appeal

  1. I am sorry for your loss :( you are looking amazing, and I hope you will feel amazing soon, I can only imagine the pain you went through. Stay strong, xx

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