Downtown Santa Ana Evening Stroll

Lattes! You all are very awesome for continuing to support us! Thank you for bearing with me. Finally, a new post to share what I was excited to wear. A special shout out to the Ladies First Event for my new come ups on these clothes. I was happy to be a part of the event this time with The Layover Show of Traklife Radio. If you don’t follow me on my other networks, I Co-host a weekly hip-hop Internet radio show called The Layover Show on Traklife Radio. The Layover Show was invited to do a special broadcast at this past Ladies First Events. Ladies First Events is a sample sale targeted to women! There is music, vendors, flash tattoos, art, networking, and hennas! It’s a fun LA event which celebrates women. What better way to celebrate International Women’s Day with none other than your fellow hard working divas!

For this post, I was happy to walk the streets of Downtown Santa Ana with my sister Kristina, my cousin Andrew, and my cousin’s girlfriend Anjelica. My cousin finally came back from his vacation from the Philippines with his girlfriend and I was excited to shoot more with him. This time we brought my sister. Without further ado, here are the pics. Enjoy!

The cardigan and shorts I’m wearing are from Rehab Clothing, which I got both pieces for only $5 each! Steal!

 photo DSC03498_zps5z2hyjbt.jpg

 photo DSC03508_zpsmfql3mbk.jpg

 photo DSC03512_zpsiamw9vvt.jpg

 photo DSC03515_zpsmfn0wsax.jpg

 photo DSC03519_zps4ngrlneb.jpg

 photo DSC03535_zpsd6qalshl.jpg

 photo DSC03536_zpsogagzvnl.jpg

 photo DSC03541_zpsf4vsdvfr.jpg

We had no idea there was a farmer’s market going on at Downtown Santa Ana. This guy saw us taking pictures and took a picture with us. He also gave us some free fruits! Yay!

 photo DSC03559_zpsvujqhfmm.jpg

 photo DSC03560_zpsclmt2vki.jpg

 photo DSC03565_zpsfacavlwo.jpg

 photo DSC03513_zpsjjlgiltz.jpg

 photo DSC03511_zpshowckjm6.jpg

 photo DSC03546_zps4eillesa.jpg

 photo DSC03540_zpsse8grehw.jpg

 photo DSC03548_zpsryzr9ko7.jpg

 photo DSC03578_zpszulhfg2y.jpg

 photo DSC03555_zpssf9gx6eb.jpg

 photo DSC03579_zps8s2xson9.jpg

Outfit Breakdown

Shorts/Cardigan: Rehab Clothing
Ring: Swarovski
Lipstick: Miliani Matte Glam
Shoes: Bakers
Bag: Guess

Stay Connected
Twitter: @LipLaceLattes / @HazzleJoy
Instagram: @LipstickLaceLattes / @HazzleJoy
All photos by Andrew Cordero. Follow him on Instagram @Andrew714oc


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