Love is in the Air

Finally! I know this post is long overdue, but here it is! I did a special Valentine’s Shoot with my boyfriend and I was so pleased with how they turned out. Thank you to my cousin and his assistant for doing an amazing job! And thanks to my boyfriend, JP, for being a good sport about the shoot and enjoying himself. He’s such a stud. (:

 photo DSC02874_zpslzqjlqjm.jpg

 photo DSC02867_zps0u4i89sr.jpg

 photo DSC02854_zps5x6sghnl.jpg

 photo DSC02864-3_zpsrobjcuw7.jpg

 photo DSC02866_zpsq9yff6tc.jpg

 photo DSC02851_zpsbhwvmdqi.jpg

 photo DSC02852_zpscwzdidg1.jpg

 photo DSC02857_zpss5e0gpht.jpg

 photo DSC02806_zpswgjtghx4.jpg

 photo DSC02800_zps4vx4q73q.jpg

 photo DSC02783_zps4uc50vfa.jpg

 photo DSC02798_zpsqovo4trg.jpg

 photo DSC02850-3_zps3xcukxru.jpg

 photo DSC02809_zpse8dadprl.jpg

 photo DSC02764_zpsdzcx41vj.jpg

 photo DSC02761_zpsc2pw2oiv.jpg

 photo DSC02758-2_zpsw5myenil.jpg

 photo DSC02742_zpsrczikkqh.jpg

 photo DSC02763_zpskbm5fuqz.jpg

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