[Feature] Exclusive Look at Farbod Barsum’s Exotic Skin Handbag Collection

It was a beautiful day in So Cal, not too hot, not too cold with a slight breeze. This day was the epitome of the perfect LA weather. I was excited to make my way to one of LA’s most luxurious shopping areas. I had the pleasure of visiting Farbod Barsum in Beverly Hills, a high-end couture store housing the most luxurious exotic skin handbags and accessories.

 photo IMG_6148_zps4rropzch.jpg

 photo IMG_6144_zpscjkwegae.jpg

Upon entering the store, you can’t help but notice the beautiful chandelier and all the handbags and accessories perfectly organized on the shelves or glass cases. It’s definitely evident that placement was strategized to a tee. I was politely greeted by the Designer himself, Farbod Barsum.

 photo IMG_6143_zpsyyljprvq.jpg

 photo IMG_6111_zpszuneyzl7.jpg

Barsum’s influence on architecture is carefully articulated in the design of not only the store, but also in his products. He comes from a background of studying not only architecture, but art history along with fashion designing. His educational background reflects the style of his brand with each piece being so well thought, planned, and executed. Anyone whom is a lover of glamorous things will not only swoon over Farbod Barsum’s collections, but learn a great deal of what exactly it is you’re paying for. I learned so much that day, the store actually felt like a museum of exotic handbags. Nature and the structure of architecture are some of the major influences in his designs.

 photo IMG_6110 copy_zpsqd36ilbo.jpg

The sources of our materials are sustainably harvested and dyed in chrome free tanneries making our approach to design both ethical and ecologically sound. Our skins are registered with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Department and meet strict compliance with the international requirements of CITES. The designs are hand crafted by master artisans resulting in wearable art that is sought after by International Royalty, Celebrities, and Socialites.

 photo IMG_6117_zpsab2rawsj.jpg

 photo IMG_6116_zpsk11zwodp.jpg

 photo IMG_6134_zpsslfr7ocp.jpg

 photo IMG_6125_zpstkanvwia.jpg

Among my favorites was definitely the exclusive bag that hasn’t even been officially announced yet. You’re looking at an exclusive look at the Himalayan Crocodile (Mona – see photo below), which was chosen for it’s symmetry and uniformity. This piece is valued for its natural patterns through its specific and intricate processing.

 photo IMG_6115_zpsuhzi9jwj.jpg

nside each bag is individually marked with a serial number to officialize authenticity.

Inside each bag is individually marked with a serial number to officialize authenticity and is registered at the time of purchase.

Genevieve is made of a Brazilian Fresh Water Fish (Pirarucu) and Ostrich Leg. This picture doesn’t even do it justice. The meat of the fish is eaten, the fish’s skin is also sold, therefore the fish is used in its entirety. This was definitely one of the pieces that gave me the wow factor.

 photo IMG_6114_zpso7l71icj.jpg

Farbod Barsum offers high quality, fashion forward products, while making sure his products are ethically compliant. To learn more about Farbod Barsum check out the ‘About‘ Page.

Thank you Farbod, for inviting me to take a look at your amazing designs. It was a pleasure learning about the history and details of each piece.

 photo IMG_6124_zps1blvdalj.jpg

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*Disclaimer: All photos [owned by LipstickLaceAndLattes.com] were taken by JP Edosada and were given permission to publish by Farbod Barsum. This was a sponsored post.*

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