Happy International Yoga Day!

With so many “National [Insert What Type] Days” and “International [Insert What Type] Days,” it’s difficult to tell if they really exist. BUT, it works great for the relevance of social medias, doesn’t it?

When I saw the hash tag for “International Yoga Day,” not gonna lie, I got a little excited. And I got excited only because I’ve been practicing yoga for a little while now. Just because I’ve been practicing doesn’t mean I’m pro or anything because I still struggle at getting poses down. I find myself loving the meditation, stretching, and challenges aspect of it. I feel balanced, focused, peaceful, happy, loving, joyous, grounded, grateful, and just overall better. Personally, I find yoga to be very healing. I tend to have a gazillion things running through my mind, but I find it calming by allowing me to be “in the now” and to forget about the world’s chaos for a moment in time. Connecting with my spiritual and physical self is a journey that I’m excited to expand and continuously grow on.

This post is dedicated to the fitness lifestyle I’ve continued to maintain. Part of that maintenance exemplifies the value of what you wear. After all, if you look good, you feel good! Your mental feelings about yourself is just as important as your athletic performance. With that said, it’s important to invest in quality workout gear. Now, I didn’t say it has to be expensive because you can find quality clothes in places like Ross and TJ Maxx for half or less than the original price! Even Forever 21 has stepped up their game in fitness gear and they’re super cute and yes, functional! On the higher end of things, Victoria’s Secret, hands down is my favorite at the moment.

Here goes my new Nike gear that I was gifted to from my boyfriend for my birthday last month. I was super excited to get this cute top and Nike Free Run Fly Knit’s from Dick’s Sporting Goods. You can get a closer look in another post later on. I also got these SUPER cute joggers. I’ll rock them in another post as well. (:

 photo IMG_6194_zpsq8fu0peo.jpg

 photo IMG_6181_zps2t4dh02a.jpg

 photo IMG_6183_zpsdmjsvukn.jpg

 photo IMG_6184_zps9i3ayypm.jpg

 photo IMG_6179_zpss8dnrwne.jpg

 photo IMG_6176_zpsaxy3tnni.jpg

 photo IMG_6172_zpsx3gd9a15.jpg

 photo IMG_6171_zpswrnpceia.jpg

 photo IMG_6161 copy_zpsenzedhtm.jpg

 photo IMG_6164 copy_zps6mcbpk66.jpg

 photo IMG_6195_zpsx1b4tpvp.jpg

Hope you liked my fitness outfit!

Outfit Breakdown
Leggings/Bag: Victoria’s Secret
Top/Hat/Shoes: Nike
Dick’s Sporting Goods





*Photos Taken by: John Edosada*

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