South Pasadena Vibes

I’m baaaaaaaaaackkkkkk and feelin’ better than ever! Thanks to everyone still supporting the LLL movement! If you’ve been around since the beginning then you know I’ve come a long way. But now I’m hoping that I can still push through on a more consistent basis. I’ve been doing a lot of things and I’m happy to say that I think I finally found a flow. Also, special shout out to my Photographer Michael Cruz and Creative Director Jennifer Santos. I’m grateful for your time, effort, and friendship. Squahhhhhh. Lol. I can’t wait to keep pushing out more posts! (: Oh and special shout out to Jenn’s baby dog, Jacob. He’s a natural model! (;

 photo hazzle-0013_zpsakbugrz0.jpg

For a long time, I didn’t like to claim my style under one certain category. I think overtime I realized that I’ve always leaned towards “street chic.” I like hats a lot. I’ve always liked hats. I feel like a girly tomb-boy in which I feel that I’m pretty versatile. I’ve never claimed to be a pro fashionista, but I just like to express myself my own way. I always thought that having a fashion blog would be the best way to express my creativity through the outfits I like to wear. If you’ve been following my fashion journey, then you know I was an avid thrift shopper. So all in all, I just like what I like. Hope you like it too!

 photo hazzle-0001_zpsv4vsrljf.jpg

It was a nice day at South Pasadena. It was still the morning when we shot these, so it wasn’t scorching just yet. Also, Jacob is SUPER cute and did great in the pics! I love dogs! After the shoot, we ate at this cool little spot by the train tracks. Jenn had a grilled cheese sandwhich and Michael and I had a french toast. Wish I had the pic to post on here, but it was only on my snapchat. Boo! But, follow my snapchat at HazzleJoy if you aren’t already!

 photo hazzle-0021_zpsfzk6iloo.jpg

 photo hazzle-0015_zpsf5uaonjh.jpg

 photo hazzle-0026_zpsoqixqcbv.jpg

 photo hazzle-0023_zpssl7iuehs.jpg

 photo hazzle-0020_zps6xv0gbzf.jpg

 photo hazzle-0022_zpsphcvutwo.jpg

 photo hazzle-0019_zpsdovae9kc.jpg

 photo hazzle-0017_zps1v7919ur.jpg

I chose to rock both hats for this one. I’m a gemini, so I thought this ‘Mood’ hat was appropriate as I can be pretty moody. I got this hat in Vegas when I went with my Co-Host Linz. Shout out to Linz for convincing me to get it. Also, haaaaad to rep my Traklife Radio fam!

 photo hazzle-0016_zpssna1yoar.jpg

I was completely obsessed with these platform heels. Super reminiscent of Spice Girls. I grew up in that generation so I totally thought of the 90s when I bought them. Plus, it gives me like 5 inches of height. I’m 4’10” so you know how much I LOVED that extra umph. Lol! Nineties fashion has totally returned. Am I right? Also, my Mom gave me the white bag which also reminds me of that era!

 photo hazzle-0018_zps0ba2wxjk.jpg

This was one of my favorite outfits! Went together effortlessly and is super comfy! Hope you guys like my outfit!

 photo hazzle-0014_zpsz9lbtbeg.jpg

Outfit breakdown
Black Mood Hat: Forever 21
Gray Traklife Hat: Traklife (Exclusive hat)
Dress: GS Love (formerly known as G-Stage)
Lipstick: Limecrime in ‘Buffy’
Shoes: Sole Struck
Bag: Nine West

All photos taken by: Michael Cruz
Creative Director: Jennifer Santos

Til my next post,

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