Meet Me at the Crossroads

Fall season is upon us! With the weather transitioning in the weirdest way (hot/cold extremities), there’s only one thing I can do to embrace the change. Blog about it, of course! Fall fashion has always been a personal favorite so you already know how excited I was to get this boot and jacket season started. I was absolutely obsessed with this Suede Duster in Olive from Fashion Effect Store. It’s not only sooo comfy, but it also has pockets! I’m not the only fan because it’s actually sold out, but there are other colors still available here.

 photo hazzle-0024_zpsdcyimhup.jpg

Some great news! I recently started working at Fashion Effect Store as Social Media Marketing Assistant! What an exciting time in my life!

 photo hazzle-0002_zpswpqgpajg.jpg

 photo hazzle-0011_zps9axetfke.jpg

 photo hazzle-0010_zps5jqebcgb.jpg

 photo hazzle-0009_zpsdyh7kmeh.jpg

 photo hazzle-0004_zpsw1n7ijcb.jpg

 photo hazzle-0006_zpsm2tvldll.jpg

 photo hazzle-0003_zps7zuu2grc.jpg

 photo hazzle-0005_zps5rwau3px.jpg

 photo hazzle-0008_zpsok8xzhhs.jpg

 photo hazzle-0007_zpsqqqesxja.jpg

Outfit Breakdown
Dress: GS-Love
Suede Duster in Olive: Fashion Effect Store
Shoes: GS-Love
Sunglasses: Forever 21
Lipstick: Limecrime in “Buffy”

Photos by: @SilentIndividual
Creative Director: Jennifer Marie Santos


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