Just Feeling “Gray-teful”

It’s easy wanting to wish to be like someone else. Why is it the hardest thing to love and accept yourself? Probably because we’re so caught up in wanting to be accepted and so we constantly try to fit into this unrealistic mold of what society deems as “enough” or “beautiful.”

 photo hazzle_park-0001_zpszelsmft3.jpg

I’m still trying to figure it out myself. 2017 is right around the corner and I can’t help but feel self pressure surfacing again because of my over-achieving mentality.

 photo hazzle_park-0006_zpszz1ucuby.jpg

All I do know is, I’m in the state of mind at this point in time where I don’t believe anything is IMPOSSIBLE anymore.

 photo hazzle_park-0010_zpstavscj5v.jpg

Everything that I have now is and what I’ve always wanted, prayed for, and worked my ass off for. If I continue to carry out my goals and intentions through action and thought; the rest is history.

 photo hazzle_park-0007_zpsostz3j9v.jpg

Do what makes you happy!

 photo hazzle_park-0009_zps31bcxs7h.jpg

Everyday I just try to be super grateful for everything. Every second is precious.

 photo hazzle_park-0008_zpscwfvjdgc.jpg

The more I struggle, the more humble I feel. The more I achieve, the more confident I am. The more and more days go by, my heart grows that much more grateful. These times of such reflection these past couple of days were mostly reminiscent of my Dad, since his birthday just passed. I hope that he would be proud up in heaven.

 photo hazzle_park-0002_zpswnr0form.jpg

Outfit Breakdown
Dress/Jacket: Styles for Less
Shoes: G-S Love
Lipstick: NYX Butter Lipstick in SNOW CAP BL203 and MAC lipgloss in BOY BAIT

Photographer: @SilentIndividual


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