We’re always long overdue for a catch up! I’m almost always positive that I start every blog post like that.

I think the easiest explanation as to why my posts are so inconsistent definitely includes poor balancing. Sure, it’s easy to say you “don’t have the time,” but everyone knows you make time for what you want. And that’s not to say I choose to upload new posts on here any less, but just trying to show that we’re all trying to balance our lives and figure things out. I don’t think a lot of people really understand what blogging really entails. Sure you may see amazing photos and a website (in general, of course), but let’s be real there’s so much MORE to it than pretty pictures.

All I’m trying to say is, the best part about about doing what I love is being unfiltered. I feel like it’s hard for a lot of people to keep it “real” in such a “filtered” society. Everyone likes to glorify their lives on the social channels. I hope to use my platform as a creative outlet to express myself. So here goes it! Finally the new post!

Special thanks to the lovely Janice (@jlovely) for taking these cool shots. Looking forward to more shoots. (:

 photo Untitled-7_zpsjqnxu3pj.jpg

What’s really cool about this outfit is, I pretty much just recycle my pieces. It almost always looks like I went shopping when all I did was wear different pieces together. I mentioned in my earlier posts that I love thrift shopping and just switching up what I already have in my closet. Not gonna lie, I still rock some pieces that I’ve posted in EARLIERRR posts. Lol. I’m reusing a couple pieces in this one. Can you guess which ones? *Hint 2 items*

 photo Untitled-4_zpsyabb8mmd.jpg

 photo IMG_7991-Recovered_zpsr1gnjw4b.jpg

 photo IMG_7975 copy_zpscd9i6j2c.jpg

 photo Untitled-5_zpsy0jd1lqs.jpg

 photo Untitled-1_zpsaceve29k.jpg

 photo Untitled-2_zpsfdpoxm8u.jpg

Shout out to my Lokel Show bros. Kicked it with them at the Los Angeles State Historic Park that just had the grand opening. Great day for a stroll in the park! Oh yeah! The Lokel Show is a new show that I’m also a part of. You can tune in on Sundays at 1-2 pm PST. I’m also still on The Layover Show as well on Wednesdays at 8-10 pm PST. Download the Traklife Radio App to tune in!

Thanks for sticking around! Stay tuned for more! (;




Outfit Breakdown
Shoes: Qupid
Bag: Gifted to me – made in the Philippines
Kimono Cover: Rehab Clothing
Sunglasses/Top: GS Love
Jeans: Forever 21
Necklace: Gift from my brother
Lipstick: ColourPop in ‘Chaps’

Photography: Janice (@JLovely)

Stay Connected
IG/Twitter: @HazzleJoy

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