29 Years To Be Thankful For

I think I usually leave the really deep mushy stuff for my personal blog (random thoughts blog) at HazzleJoy.com, but since I’m droppin’ a new post of one of my favorite recent shoots, I felt it would be cool to mention where I’ve been at as far as state of mind in my life. It’s been a min. since I had the chance to briefly reflect on life thus far. In about 4 minutes I turn 29. As weird as it sounds, I feel more grateful to turn this age than I did when I turned 23 or 26 even though it’s just a reminder that I’m getting older.

The biggest issue I have when it comes to my birthday is being indecisive about what I want to do. I honestly have THEE worst habit of “planning” something and then cancelling. That indecisiveness thing in me has got to go. I think that definitely will be one of my “Things To Do” as a goal for the next year for myself.

I can say that my mental state has changed in the most positive way and I care about nothing else, but sharing the positive feeling I have when I’m just doing things out of pure Love and Passion. I hope to positively give back to the world one way or another. Life is SO precious and I still have so many personal things I need to work on, but the most important thing I will never forget is to always stay just be grateful. I feel extremely blessed to be around such loving people. All I want is to be around great energy and love.

Thanks for continuing to rock with me and riding along with me on this journey. Doing all of this out of pure passion and hearing such a supportive reception has been one of the most humbling things. I’m just so grateful to be mostly accepted for my willingness to be creative in it’s most vulnerable artform. I know that it takes a lot of courage for individuals to pursue their dreams and once we get past that fear, our true calling shines light and the people that encourage and support you is all you really need. So all in all, I guess this is a THANK YOU post.

THANK YOU for sharing 29 years of my life with me (whether it’s been for a brief second or years of friendship). Thank you for accepting my crazy quirkiness and creative take on fashion, radio, speaking, and writing. Thank you to the individuals who have played a role in my life at one point or another. Thank you for vibing with me. We can’t be limited on just our short time on earth. This is just beginning of all the great things to come for all of us!

Anyways, this was a fun shoot because it was actually Traklife’s photo shoot and course had to throw in a couple OOTD posts. Shout out to the homie Alvin for helping me out with this one.

Outfit Breakdown
Shoes: Qupid
Overalls/Top/Sports Bra: GS Love
Lipstick: Coulorpop in “Kapow
Hat: Traklife

Thank you, Lattes, for being amazing. I love you all.




Photos Taken By: @Alvidee
Edited: Hazzle Joy

6 responses to “29 Years To Be Thankful For

  1. You look so cute! love love love how you focus on the gratitude side of your birthday and not the age part.. been trying to do the same myself as I turned 26 this past August.

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