ColorBlind Era Clothing x Hazzle Joy


I’m back with a really exciting announcement! But before I get into that….

So I know the world has been crazy and day to day each of us go through the intense struggles of life. It’s a roller coaster, ain’t it? So how do I maneuver around these intense feelings as an empath? I like to try and stay inspired and motivated because that gives me hope. We gotta find that hope one way or another. I try to keep my mind in the positive mind state by only surrounding myself and brain with people and things that keep me serving for the greater good.

Inspirational quotes remind me to learn from every detail in life – from the lowest of lows to the highest of highs. In a world so saturated with empty messages, I felt it is important to share the opposite of that. There are many ads, brands, companies, etc. that force meaningless things down your throat. And then there are those couple few that have a very important message to express – it speaks to the people.

With that said, I was introduced to Colorblind Era Clothing by a friend and the message of the brand truly resonated with me because it represented everything that I feel and live by. What’s noteworthy of the brand is that it embraces everyone, promotes equality, encourages you to be your creative self, and strive for your dreams.

Celebrate diversity. Breed creativity. Build equality.

Color Blind Era Clothing was created to inspire and empower people of all ages, colors, and backgrounds to celebrate diversity, breed creativity, and build equality. Color Blind Era Clothing is more than just a brand, it is a lifestyle dedicated to empowering you to go out and get yours.

Everything that I’ve done and accomplished in my life was because I set myself out to get it and do it – of course with the support of many loving people around me. Everything I do is from pure passion. All I truly hope to gain from living my life is to spread the love to the world and help others. During such intense times, it’s important to unite and come together. Do what you were meant to do in this world and let’s keep the love going! Join the movement and rock with us.

Colorblind Era Clothing has allowed me the opportunity to help spread this message as their new Brand Ambassador. Make a statement that counts. Support your local artists and creatives because those are the ones who puts their community first.

Take 20% Off on all orders over $20 with code: HAZZLEJ20


Photos By: Michael “Mac” Cruz Photography

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