Hazzle Joy

NAME: Hazzle Joy Andrada
OCCUPATION: Radio Personality/Co-Host for The Layover Show on Traklife Radio
STYLE IDOL: Whitney Port, bits from Rihanna’s edgy look and Vanessa Hudgens for her hippy-like laid back appeal. And, I would wear anything Jeannie Mai wears.
FAVORITE DESIGNER: Right now, I would have to say my favorite designer is Whitney Port. A lot of people would probably answer this question choosing a more traditional designer, but I love the feel of Whitney’s collections. She is modern, flirty, fun, and very versatile. What I especially love is how she’s not afraid to mix and match patterns and color. I feel like I can relate because I’m a very mix-matchy person when it comes to my outfits.
FAVORITE COFFEE: Starbucks caramel brulee latte tops all my other favs. Sad it’s only seasonal :(
FAVORITE PIECE IN YOUR CLOSET CURRENTLY? Heel-less heels. Love them because they look insane and make me super tall.
GOALS & ASPIRATIONS: Inspire others to follow & live their dreams the way I am chasing after mine. Growing up I always wanted to become a broadcast journalist and have a book published. I would like to eventually open up my own media agency, public relations firm, or production company, as well as conquer all fashion avenues along the way. (;
QUOTE: “The acknowledged lovers talked and laughed. The unacknowledged were silent.” -Pride & Prejudice
INSTAGRAM: @hazzlejoy
TUMBLR: hazeyminaj
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